Projects, papers and other pleasures

It has been a while since I wrote something on this blog (June 8 to be precise). And this has a reason: I have been extremely busy working on my PhD. So, as an update, I will give a short overview of my accomplishments and future plans.

todolist fish

The Avian Hybrids Project

First of all, I published the first paper of my PhD! In the ornithological journal Ibis, I announce the website Avian Hybrids, on which I have gathered the bulk of scientific literature on avian hybridization. Keeping this website up to date did cost me a lot of time, but it also attracted quite some publicity. Recently, the British Ornithological Union (BOU) asked me to write about the Avian Hybrids Project on their blog. My story appeared online earlier this week.

Here are the links:

My paper:

The Avian Hybrids website:

The BOU blog:


Apart from the Avian Hybrids Project, I have been working on a number of papers. Two have been submitted. If they get accepted and published, I will discuss them on this blog! In the meanwhile, I am working on the next set of papers. The first results look promising…

Finally, I also have a girlfriend since a couple of months. I guess she deserves some of my time as well…

peer review

Ottenburghs, J., Ydenberg, R., Van Hooft, P., Van Wieren, S., & Prins, H. (2015). The Avian Hybrids Project: gathering the scientific literature on avian hybridization Ibis, 157 (4), 892-894 DOI: 10.1111/ibi.12285


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